Norwegian Samantha Gurah is the singer and actress that right now represents the most sought-after female leading role in modern musical, Nabulungi Hatimbi, in the success musical «The Book of Mormon».

«The Book of Mormon» has since its premiere on Broadway, in 2011, sold over 2,2 million tickets. The number of visitors succeeds all other shows in Manhattan during the same period. The 26th of january 2017 the musical premiered on China Teatern in Stockholm, as the first non-english version ever to be done.

Samantha Gurah is a new face for the swedish audience but has had a long career in her home country Norway. Samantha har studied music theatre at Bårdar Akademiet in Oslo. She has amongst other productions worked in «Hair», «Parade» and the award-winning film-musical «Skallamann» (director Maria Bock). Samantha has worked as a singer with several norwegian artist there amongst Stella Mwangis contribution in Eurovision song contest 2011. She has also worked as a soloist in «The thrill of Michael Jackson» tour and played the role as Muhammed Alis daughter in the show «Great as I am» in The National Opera in Oslo.

The character Nabulungi is a young woman who lives with her father (Peter Gardiner) in a poor village in northern Uganda. They live under constant threat from the general (Camilo Ge Bresky) and his companions. When the two mormon missionaries Elder Price (Linus Wahlgren) and Elder Cunningham (Per Andersson) show up in the village to convert more followers to their church, Nabulungi sees the opportunity for the villagers to escape from the general. Nabulungi is the one that succeeds in getting the villagers to stand up against the general. Her faith in the good in humans makes her able to look passed the other characters faith and rather look at them for who they truly are.